Wayne Soh

Wayne Soh

Director of Investments Asia Pacifc; Head of Singapore
Plug and Play

Wayne leads the Plug & Play team in Singapore and oversees Plug & Play’s investments in the region. He has been active in the local technology and startup ecosystem for more than 10 years, working with government agencies, corporations, universities and community groups to help promote the adoption of the latest technology and to boost the chances of success of the startups that he works with.


Wayne Soh will be appearing in the following sessions:

SHOWCASE: Skunkworks / innovation in the supply chain industry with Plug and Play Tech Centre
LogiSYM Singapore 2019: Singapore Day 2 - 15th May, 2019, 13:20–14:45, Panel Interactive Session

While the pace of change in a number of industries can be very rapid, change and adoption of new technology can be slow or limited in the supply chain…

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