Takatoshi Shibayama

Takatoshi Shibayama

Blockchain Centre Singapore

Takatoshi Shibayama is the Founder of Blockchain Centre Singapore that provides blockchain consulting and solutions. He has been a corporate restructuring specialist for 17 years, having analyzed and invested in complicated special situation events of companies. He started his career in investment banking, later joined a US hedge fund Davidson Kempner Capital Management, and then co-founded 3D Investment Partners in Singapore.


Takatoshi Shibayama will be appearing in the following sessions:

Blockchain – Moving beyond proof of concept. Practical use of blockchain in supply chain execution
LogiSYM Singapore 2019: Singapore Day 2 - 15th May, 2019, 11:00–11:30, Presentation

Where is the Industry Headed and What Can We Look Forward to in 2019?
LogiSYM Digital 2018: Digital Day 1 - 22nd November, 2018, 15:20–16:00, Interactive Panel Discussion

Keynote Address
LogiSYM Digital 2018: Digital Day 1 - 22nd November, 2018, 13:10–13:45, Presentation

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