Swami Vangal Ramamurthy

Swami Vangal Ramamurthy

Division Head, Robotics Business Division
OMRON Asia Pacific

Swami Vangal Ramamurthy serves as the General Manager of OMRON’s Automation Centre & Robotics for Asia Pacific. Based out of the OMRON Headquarters in Singapore, he leads and provides guidance for OMRON’s regional automation engineering programs. Swami has been instrumental in establishing the Smart Manufacturing “Live Lab” in OMRON, Singapore which introduces a new paradigm in manufacturing using flexible, reconfigurable and autonomous systems. He and his team work closely with the regional OMRON Automation centres in Asia pacific to evaluate, architect and successfully implement “integrated and connected” smart manufacturing solutions.


Swami Vangal Ramamurthy will be appearing in the following sessions:

Leveraging Technology for Supply Chain Success
ITAP - LogiSYM Platinum 2022: ITAP - LogiSYM Platinum 2022 - Day 1 19 Oct 2022, 10:30–11:15, Panel Interactive Session

Synopsis: The last two years has heightened and accelerated the need for leading edge and bold solutions. What separates the leaders from the follower…

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