Sean Lew

Sean Lew

Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer

Sean Lew is Chief Product Officer at MarinaChain. Prior to joining the company, Sean spent a year in Silicon Valley in the energy sector which served supply chain applications. In MarinaChain, he helms Product, Strategy & Carbon and develops the roadmap to help delight shipowners in meeting carbon regulations through MarinaNet, a carbon accounting and vessel emissions software. To date, Sean has brought MarinaChain through Pier71, the MPA backed maritime accelerator and has on boarded over 150 ships.


Sean Lew will be appearing in the following sessions:

SHOWCASE: Skunkworks – Innovation in the Supply Chain Industry
LogiSYM Asia-Pacific 2023: Asia Pacific Day 2 - 2023, 16:20–17:20, Panel Interactive Session

SYNOPSIS While the pace of change in a number of industries can be very rapid, change and adoption of new technology can be slow or limited in the sup…

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