Roger Chew

Roger Chew

Global Sales Director
SFS Pharma Logistics

20 years in the freight forwarding industry with the last 14 years in the specialty courier for pharma cold chain transportation mostly in the clinical trials space. Prior to joining the freight forwarding industry in Oct 2002, served 12.5 years as a regular commando officer.

Founded SFS Pharma Logistics with 11 regional branches across Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

A council member with SAAA@Singapore (Formerly Singapore Aircargo Agents Association) and mentor for Republic Polytechnic Entrepreneurship Community Mentorship Scheme.


Roger Chew will be appearing in the following sessions:

PANEL: Conquering COVID – Lessons Learned 2 Years On
LogiSYM Asia-Pacific 2022: Asia Pacific Day 2 - 25 May 2022, 11:45–12:30, Interactive Panel Discussion

Synopsis As we emerge into the ‘better normal’ will all the developments we have seen these two to three years fade away and old practices resurface a…

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