Ricky Xue

Ricky Xue

General Manager of Southeast Asia
Cainiao Group

Ricky Xue is the General Manager of Southeast Asia at Cainiao Group and the Chief Logistics Officer of LazGlobal business at Lazada. Currently, he oversees Cainiao’s regional business planning and operations, as well as Lazada’s global supply chain and logistics development. He has helped to establish Alibaba’s cross-border logistics network from ground up, and has held multiple roles at Alibaba and Cainiao since he first joined the organization in March 2014.

Prior to to this, Ricky had spent over ten years looking after cross-border logistics, B2C fulfilment and delivery solutions in a global logistics company.


Ricky Xue will be appearing in the following sessions:

Rewriting the Global Commerce Logistics and Supply Chain Playbook for Seamless Multi-Channel Success
ITAP LogiSYM Platinum 2023: ITAP LogiSYM Platinum 2023 - Day 1, 09:15–10:15, Round Table

Synopsis: In today’s dynamic eCommerce landscape, businesses are racing to adopt a global, multi-channel strategy to establish competitive advantage….

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