Prof Chang Yoon-Seok

Prof Chang Yoon-Seok

Korea Aerospace University

Dr. Yoon Seok Chang is professor at the School of Air Transport & Logistics in Korea Aerospace University and a director of Ubiquitous Technology Application Research Center, at Korea Aerospace University. He is also a CEO of Lab to Market Inc ( which is specialized in supply chain execution, Intra-logistics Automation and Restaurant Automation. He was a visiting professor of Caltech, USA in 2010 and Dean of Information Service of Korea Aerospace University.

Prior to joining Korea Aerospace University, he was a visiting professor of KAIST, a senior research associate of Auto-ID Center, Cambridge University, a senior application engineer of i2, USA and a visiting professor of Arizona State University. He finished his PhD from Imperial College London, UK, 1997.

His current research focuses on the application of ubiquitous technology (RFID, Sensor Networks) to the various logistics areas and Intra-logistics automation.

He was the editor of the Evolution of Supply Chain Management, published in 2004 by Kluwer Academic Publishers, USA and his new book “Smart Cold Chain Management” will be published by Springer Publisher.


Prof Chang Yoon-Seok will be appearing in the following sessions:

Inter and Inner City Cold Chain Operation in SEA
LogiSYM Singapore 2019: Singapore Day 1 - 14th May, 2019, 16:20–17:00, Interactive Panel Discussion

Introduction of Successful Cold Chain Operation
LogiSYM Singapore 2019: Singapore Day 1 - 14th May, 2019, 16:00–16:20, Presentation

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