Murad Mirza

Murad Mirza

Organizational Development & Talent Management Expert

Murad is an innovative thinker and an astute practitioner of areas within and associated with the fields of Organizational Development, Talent Management & Business Transformation. He is currently globally ranked in the Top 20 within 9 areas (HR, Leadership, Culture, Management, Agility, Innovation, Future of Work, Change Management, Customer Experience) by the world’s first open platform for Thought Leaders ( based in the USA that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) for ranking to preclude human bias. His research papers have been read in more than 60 countries around the globe. His insights/articles/perspectives have been featured in more than 35 countries across the world. He has worked in various geographical regions and has a rich history of delivering desired results for progressive organizations ranging from SMEs to Large Corporate Entities. His scholastic accomplishments have been affirmed by induction into Beta Gamma Sigma (, an International Honor Society, as a Lifetime Member. He is also a globally published author and an active contributor to various professional forums. His profile on LinkedIn can be viewed at:


Murad Mirza will be appearing in the following sessions:

Takeaway Panel: Practical Symposium Wrap Up
LogiSYM Dubai 2019: Dubai Day 2 - 2nd October, 2019, 16:15–17:00, Interactive Panel Discussion

Supply Chain of the Future. Planning Today for Tomorrow – People, Process and Tools
LogiSYM Dubai 2019: Dubai Day 1 - 1st October, 2019, 15:45–16:30, Interactive Panel Discussion

How People, Process and Tools will shape the future supply chain, what is their role and contribution in the evolution, Which category is more critica…

Transformational Leadership in a Middle East Integrated World
LogiSYM Dubai 2018: Dubai Day 2 - 14th February, 2018, 15:10–15:40, Interactive Panel Discussion

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