Mike Bhaskaran

Mike Bhaskaran

Group Chief Operating Officer, Digital Technology
DP World

Mike Bhaskaran is the Group Chief Operating Officer, Digital Technology for DP World. He is responsible for driving the digital transformation of all parts of our value chain globally and operates all aspects of our technology presence, driving global business process improvement and systems implementation.

Mike has valuable experience in Blockchain, e-commerce technology, and driving innovative digital capabilities in complex supply chains at scale. Mike started his career within Engineering before moving into Distribution Operations and Supply Chain at Dell Computer Corporation. Prior to joining DP World, Mike was the Chief Supply Chain Officer at Staples Inc.

Before that he worked various other global organizations including Amazon, The Gap Inc, Starbucks Corporation and Beyond the Rack Inc, where he was responsible for all technology infrastructure and software development efforts.

Mike has a Masters in Industrial Technology & Engineering from Utah State University in the USA and an MBA from Krannert Graduate School of Management at Purdue University in the USA.


Mike Bhaskaran will be appearing in the following sessions:

PRESENTATION: Navigating the Trade of Tomorrow: Revolutionising Supply Chains Through Technology
LogiSYM Asia Pacific - CeMAT SEA 2024: LogiSYM Asia Pacific - CeMAT SEA 2024 - Day 1, 15 May, 13:45–14:15, Presentation

SYNOPSIS The optimisation and resilience of global trade hinge on the integration of technology within logistics frameworks; it revolutionizes the mov…

PRESENTATION: Reshaping Supply Chains: Embracing Resilience in the Digital Era
LogiSYM Asia-Pacific 2023: Asia Pacific Day 2 - 2023, 14:30–15:00, Presentation

SYNOPSIS In this presentation, we will explore the role digitization plays in achieving resilience. By enabling real-time visibility and agility throu…

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