Martijn Thijsen

Martijn Thijsen

Digital Strategy, Transformation & Business Development
Port of Rotterdam

Passionate about digitalization & analytics, driving performance and growing business through connecting and developing people. Martijn has a strong international track record in Operational Management, Business Development, Strategy and Business Transformations. Coming from an Supply Chain Management background, he now focusses on building and growing business by adding value using digital innovations.

Within Port of Rotterdam, Martijn is responsible for setting and activating the strategic digital agenda for the commercial departments. This means coordinating and driving the digital commercial strategy and translate this into tangible objectives. The key here is to Identify potential and create business opportunities, new business models and the possibilities it creates in order to transform the Port Of Rotterdam to its future proof role in facilitating and accelerating Supply Chains with digital business solutions and platforms.


Martijn Thijsen will be appearing in the following sessions:

Port Forward – Step by Step Towards a Digital Port
LogiSYM Singapore 2019: Singapore Day 2 - 15th May, 2019, 11:30–12:15, Presentation

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