Joe Lombardo

Joe Lombardo

Director - Project & Performance Management
ESP Consult

Joe Lombardo is the founder of a specialist consultancy whose mission is pivotal on delivering a core vision of enabling sustainable performance . ESP Consult an independent Business Consultancy ( since 2014), offering consulting & advisory services in Business Performance Management, supporting programs for Transformational Business Management, improvements in the Supply Chain Logistics Management and Trade & Customs Compliance programs. ESP Consult brings the technical understanding and practical knowledge to develop Performance Execution Programs to deliver Company Business Strategies.

On a personal side, Joe is a qualified Management Accountant (CIMA) from UK, with over 38 years experience in developing, managing & driving supply chain logistics operations, in multinational environments, operating in 12 Countries. He developed & diversified his career in the fast moving world of semiconductor electronics since 1983. Exposure & experience of working in: South East, China, Europe and United States, Joe brings that international & balanced expertise to define & execute global business & supply chain performance programs. Joe is well positioned to understand the complete practical workings of Company supply chains & all the functions involved in enabling & supporting their effectiveness.


Joe Lombardo will be appearing in the following sessions:

PANEL: Human Skills in a Digitised World
LogiSYM Asia-Pacific 2023: Asia Pacific Day 1 - 2023, 16:00–16:45, Interactive Panel Discussion

SYNOPSIS   Today’s world is as digitised as ever, as a consumer, as an enabler for business and supply chains.  The technical based skills of emp…

PANEL: Supply Chains & Delivering Desired Business Outcomes in today’s Global Economy
LogiSYM Asia-Pacific 2023: Asia Pacific Day 1 - 2023, 11:30–12:15, Panel Interactive Session

Synopsis COVID, trade wars, conflicts, fuel hikes, port congestion and many other types of disruptions and black swan events appear to be happening mo…

Takeaway Panel: Parting Advice and Closing Remarks
ITAP LogiSYM 2021: ITAP LogiSYM 2021 Day 2 - 24th November, 2021, 12:15–13:00, Interactive Panel Discussion

This final session of the conference provides an opportunity to digest and discuss the learnings over the last two days. Industry experts highlight th…

Panel: Ensuring Successful Transformation – Avoiding Issues and Driving Change
ITAP LogiSYM 2021: ITAP LogiSYM 2021 Day 1 - 23rd November, 2021, 14:10–15:00, Interactive Panel Discussion

Conference Chairman’s Opening Remarks
LogiSYM MENA 2021: MENA Day 1 - 24th August 2021, 10:00–10:10, Presentation

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