Joe Khoo

Joe Khoo

Co-Founder and CEO
iStore iSend

As CEO and co-founder of iStore iSend, Joe Khoo has built a successful e-fulfilment and e-enabler services company inspired by Amazon Fulfillment, with a particular focus on logistics for e commerce businesses in Southeast Asia. With over half a million sqft under management, iStore iSend is also building the largest Warehouse-as-a-Service platform in the region, providing a more efficient, flexible, and scalable warehousing solution. Joe’s expertise in problem solving, technology, process optimization, and data analysis has been instrumental in iStore iSend’s growth. Joe is also involved with Endeavor Malaysia, a high impact entrepreneur network.


Joe Khoo will be appearing in the following sessions:

PANEL: Navigating the Complexities of Urban Logistics and Last-Mile Delivery
LogiSYM Malaysia 2023: Malaysia Day 2 - 2023, 09:15–10:00, Panel Interactive Session


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