Gwyneth Fries

Gwyneth Fries

Expert Senior Manager, Sustainability
Bain & Company

Gwyneth has over 12 years of experience working in corporate sustainability advisory and sustainable development. As a Senior Manager at Bain & Company’s Global Sustainability Innovation Centre, Gwyneth works with companies to create value from sustainability, including advising businesses in the financial sector on decarbonization strategy and investing in nature. Before joining Bain, Gwyneth managed all aspects of sustainability, from human rights to reporting, for Agility, a supply chain services company. She also served as a Senior Sustainability Advisor at Forum for the Future and as a Trade and Logistics Consultant for the World Bank Group in Latin America and the Caribbean. She holds a B.A. in Development Studies from Brown University, an M.A. in International Affairs from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs, and a Micromasters Credential in Supply Chain Management from MITx.


Gwyneth Fries will be appearing in the following sessions:

PANEL: Inside Sustainability: Realising the Opportunities
LogiSYM Asia-Pacific 2023: Asia Pacific Day 1 - 2023, 14:15–15:00, Interactive Panel Discussion

Synopsis What sustainability means within the four walls of the facility, where are the key opportunities, and how to advance initiatives to help real…

Sustainability, Smart Solutions and Industry 4.0
LogiSYM Asia-Pacific 2021: Singapore Day 1 - 19 May 2021, 14:30–15:15, Interactive Panel Discussion

Sustainability is no longer a compromise. In designing or transforming end-to-end supply chain solutions, sustainable logistics plays a fundamental ro…

Supply chains and the circular economy – ensuring business and environmental viability for the long term
LogiSYM Singapore 2018: Singapore Day 1 - 15th May, 2018, 14:20–15:10, Panel Interactive Session

Sustainability and sustainable supply chains get increasingly more board level attention and are shaking off the environmentalist image. The millennia…

Sustainability = smart business. Is it time to acknowledge that green supply chains yield measurable financial improvements beyond the brand image?
LogiSYM Singapore 2018: Singapore Day 1 - 15th May, 2018, 16:30–17:20, Interactive Panel Discussion

If sustainability is an expense for your business, you’re probably doing it wrong. Learn about the quick wins and shrewd investments that turn sustain…

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