Gregory Gottlieb

Gregory Gottlieb

Managing Director
Airships Arabia

Gregory is a senior executive, entrepreneur and independent business owner. His core expertise is in aerospace, defence and security. He is British and is currently living in Dubai.

He holds a University of London, Goldsmiths’ College BA(Hons) in Psychology and is a ‘Dagger Course’ graduate from RMCS Shrivenham with an MCGI in Military Technology, equivalent to a UK Masters Degree.

Over the last 21 years, Gregory has worked for, consulted and advised corporate and government entities, often at the highest levels, in the UK, the USA, Europe, the Caribbean and the Middle East on the technology, operation and support of Unmanned Systems, airships and aerostats. He is a recognized expert in airship and aerostat technologies, their markets, operations, support and infrastructure. He has undertaken aerostat assessments for the US Government, has managed the operation of aerostats in Iraq for the US Marine Corp during combat operations (as an unarmed civilian) and more recently has developed both new aerostat systems, and their associated operational concepts for the UAE Armed Forces and the Saudi Government.

As Head of Strategic Planning for CargoLifter AG in Germany, he was involved in the construction of the world’s largest hangar as part of a large-scale logistics airship development. He also instigated a strategic partnership agreement between CargoLifter and Boeing. Gregory later worked for Boeing and with EADS, DARPA, US TRANSCOM and others as a Subject Matter Expert on airship and aerostat technology and operations, advising on their use for logistics, surveillance and communications.

Gregory has been in the UAE since 2006, initially for a medium sized US company working throughout the region, and then for an Abu Dhabi Government unmanned systems entity, with primary responsibility for the company’s airship and aerostat related activities.

Three years ago Gregory founded and is the Managing Director of Airships Arabia DWC- LLC. Airships Arabia is positioning itself to be the Middle East’s primary provider of all airship and aerostat related services, with a focus on the operation and maintenance of Hybrid Airships for surveillance and logistics, once they become available.

He spent 20 years in the British Army, retiring as a Major in the Grenadier Guards in 1998, having served on operations in Northern Ireland as well as postings to Berlin, the Middle East, Australia, Africa and Belize.

For his last seven years in the Army, Gregory was the UK MOD Operational Requirements Desk Officer with responsibility for all aviation related equipment requirements for Counter Terrorism (CT) and Special Forces (SF), with a particular focus on a major airship surveillance project for a CT mission. He also managed related research packages at the UK Defence Research Agency.

Gregory is a Council Member of The Airship Association, a former Editor of their quarterly technical journal, AIRSHIP, and is a member of the AIAA Lighter-Than-Air Technical Committee, which he chaired in 2001. He has published a number of technical papers on airship technologies and their application.

His hobbies have included skydiving, flying, scuba diving, gliding and acting. He speaks German and some French.


Gregory Gottlieb will be appearing in the following sessions:

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LogiSYM Dubai 2019: Dubai Day 2 - 2nd October, 2019, 10:15–11:00, Interactive Panel Discussion

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