Emma Barber

Emma Barber

Managing Director

As Managing Director, Emma oversees the day to day management of DGrade including product development, sales, and the Simply Bottles recycling initiative. Her key focus is ensuring DGrade delivers value to customers by offering sustainable solutions. She is also a key spokesperson and ambassador for the company.

It’s extremely important to Emma that she personally, along with DGrade, makes a positive impact on the world; she believes that recycling plastic into new products is part of a solution for a greener planet.


Emma Barber will be appearing in the following sessions:

Presentation: Sustainable Manufacturing Solutions – A Real Circular Economy Business Model in UAE
LogiSYM MENA 2021: MENA Day 1 - 24th August 2021, 14:30–15:00, Presentation

Panel Discussion: Is Sustainability a Tool for Building Resilience in a Fast Changing World?
LogiSYM MENA 2021: MENA Day 1 - 24th August 2021, 15:00–15:45, Interactive Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion: Shaping the Future with Digital Supply Chains to Enable Expansion of Manufacturing in the Region
LogiSYM MENA 2021: MENA Day 1 - 24th August 2021, 12:15–13:00, Interactive Panel Discussion

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