Dr Shardul Phadnis

Dr Shardul Phadnis

Director of Research, Associate Professor Director, Center for e-Commerce And Retail Transformation (CART)
Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation

Dr. Shardul Phadnis is the Director of Research and Associate Professor at the Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation (MISI), and leads MISI’s Center for e-Commerce And Retail Transformation (CART). His research examines design and adaptation of business models from the supply chain perspective.

His present research examines end-to-end supply chains in the apparel industry and of small-and-medium enterprise retailers, implications of internet of things for supply chains, as well as the use of scenario planning to influence strategic decision making. His research has been published in leading journals such as Strategic Management Journal, MIT Sloan Management Review, Production and Operations Management, and Technological Forecasting & Social Change. He received the Giarratani Rising Star Award for year 2015 from the Industry Studies Association for his research in apparel supply chains.

Shardul holds a Ph.D. in Engineering Systems from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He teaches graduate level courses in logistics management and supply chain strategy, and scenario planning in executive education. Before beginning his academic career, Shardul worked in manufacturing firms for seven years and led the Continuous Improvement program at a design-to-manufacture firm.


Dr Shardul Phadnis will be appearing in the following sessions:

I(o)T’s coming to the supply chain world… and this is how you would respond to it
LogiSYM Malaysia 2018: Malaysia Day 2 - 25th July, 2018, 10:45–11:30, Presentation


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