Dr Jonas Block

Dr Jonas Block

Head of Artificial Intelligence Development

Dr Jonas Block is Head of AI Development at IPwe Inc., a company leveraging the power of AI and blockchain to facilitate transactions in the patent ecosystem. Prior to joining IPwe in July 2020, Block worked as a patent litigator in a German boutique firm, where he focused on cross-border patent assertion and pan-European defensive strategies. In this role, he has inter alia coordinated the involvement of suppliers and their legal counsels in support of numerous suits related to automotive and smartphone patents. Block was featured in the 2019 edition of Managing IP’s Rising Stars publication.

In his new role at IPwe, Block is using his battle-tested experience to develop AI-powered solutions to help suppliers live up to their contractual promises to provide components free of third-party rights, and to help building territorially flexible, IP-resilient supply chains. The goal of these services is to mitigate and insure IP risks at comparably low transaction costs.


Dr Jonas Block will be appearing in the following sessions:

Navigating the global patent thicket – How to build IP resilient and flexible supply chains
LogiSYM Vietnam 2020: Vietnam Day 2 - 2nd December, 2020, 16:00–16:30, Interactive Panel Discussion

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