Dr John Gattorna

Dr John Gattorna

Executive Chairman
Gattorna Alignment

John Gattorna, stands at the forefront of supply chain ‘thought leadership’ in the world today, and his work has influenced many of today’s leading multi-national corporations.

He has made it his passion in life to stay at the cutting edge of supply chain design, and his last three books are testament to that, the most recent being Dynamic Supply Chains; how to design, build and manage people-centric value networks, 3rd edn., FT Prentice Hall, Harlow, 2015.

His advanced methodologies offer a way of dealing with the ‘new normal’ operating environment, characterized by volatility, and yet more volatility, with no respite in sight.

John’s work has taken on a ‘whole-of-enterprise’ feel and scope, because he steadfastly believes that you can only transform enterprise supply chains if you transform the entire enterprise, hence his multi-disciplinary approach to supply chain design, from ‘outside-in’, using ‘design thinking’ principles.

Apart for researching, consulting, and teaching (Adjunct Professor, UTS Business School, Sydney), John likes to share his best thinking with peers and business associates around the world, and for this reason he organises ‘thought leadership’ summits every two or three years – bringing the very best supply chain academics, practitioners, and business executives together for a talk-fest lasting two days, on a strictly ‘by-invitation-only’ basis.

John officially launched his latest book Dynamic Supply Chains (2015) at the last global SC ‘thought leadership’ Summit in Athens, Sept’15, and both e-book and hard copy versions are now available. See the ‘Book Launch’ tab of the Summit website www.2015gscs.com for more details about the contents. John is Executive Chairman of Gattorna Alignment, a Sydney- based Firm specialising in supply chain ‘thought leadership’, and Adjunct Professor at UTS Business School, Sydney, Australia. His personal website is: www.johngattorna.com

He is now one of the most respected supply chain ‘thought leaders’ in the world.


Dr John Gattorna will be appearing in the following sessions:

Keynote Address – Innovation & Resilience, It’s Time to Turn the Tide
LogiSYM Singapore 2018: Singapore Day 1 - 15th May, 2018, 09:10–09:40, Presentation

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