Dr. Javad Feizabadi

Dr. Javad Feizabadi

Associate Professor
MIT Global SCALE Network- Malaysia institute for Supply Chain Innovation

Dr. Javad Feizabadi explores the supply chain and value chain design and capability-driven strategies in the current volatile business environment. His research examines dynamic capability development in value/supply chain and creating competitive advantage through value/supply chain design and management. In some of his recent research efforts, he is examining the entrepreneurial operations/supply chain management in high ambiguity settings as well as designing an ambidextrous supply chain using simulation. Adaptability and flexibility of value/supply chain facing with dynamics in various stages of value creation and demand fulfilment is the main focus of Dr. Feizabadi’s research. Other areas of his research are supply chain strategy and entrepreneurship in supply chain management.

During the period 2007-2008, he was involved in a study exploring the supply chain challenges in the European auto industry at IMD, Switzerland. His research has been published in several international conferences and academic journals.

He holds BS in industrial management, MS in operations research and PhD in operations management. He worked in automotive industry for 7 years and 2 years in management consulting. Dr. Feizabadi has been a visiting professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He is also a Research Associate with MIT. He is currently holding a position as associate professor at MIT Global SCALE Network- Malaysia institute for Supply Chain Innovation.


Dr. Javad Feizabadi will be appearing in the following sessions:

Supply Chains and Operational Innovation in Established and Emergent Markets – regional and global considerations
LogiSYM Malaysia 2018: Malaysia Day 2 - 25th July, 2018, 13:15–14:00, Panel Interactive Session

Operational/supply chain innovations are the essence of business model innovations in both nascent and mature markets; and ultimately mitigating ambig…

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