David Strauss

David Strauss

Global Director, Strategic Partner Development

David Strauss joined E2open in 2014 and leverages 18 years of experience working for international supply chain software companies in his position as Global Director, Strategic Partner Development. His primary focus is to develop E2open’s strategic partners’ understanding of the solutions, architecture and strategies the company offers. David works together with these partners in bringing the value of E2open’s best-in-class, end-to-end cloud-based supply chain platform to the company’s joint global enterprise clients.

Prior to leading E2open’s strategic partner development efforts, David served for many years in front-line solutions consulting and project management roles. His interactions with hundreds of supply chain teams within large global companies and across industries, regions and functions have resulted in a strong, multifaceted understanding of supply chains. David has witnessed firsthand the major evolution and convergence of all aspects of the digital supply chain — upstream, downstream, execution, planning, optimization and integrations — as well as the recent ongoing disruptions and transformations impacting the industry.

This large, highly complex and constantly evolving problem space is what keeps David motivated. Recently, he contributed a 30-minute video presentation on digital supply chain control towers to Warwick University’s Supply Chain Leadership Programme. David has delivered software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions to the world’s largest cargo airlines at Traxon Europe, now part of CHAMP Cargosystems. He also spent nearly a decade supporting the global chemical industry at Elemica. David holds a BSc in Information & Computer Technology from The Open University in the UK.


David Strauss will be appearing in the following sessions:

Ocean Visibility: Predict with Intelligence and Analyze with Depth
LogiSYM Asia-Pacific 2021: Singapore Day 1 - 19 May 2021, 13:30–14:00, Presentation

The disruption of the 2020 global pandemic, reinforced visibility as a dominant topic in supply chain. And, more recently, the downstream economic imp…

Internal & External Collaboration across Supply Chain Networks (Presentation by David Strauss, Director, Partner Development, E2open)
LogiSYM Digital 2020: Digital Day 1 - 25th June, 2020, 14:30–15:00, Interactive Panel Discussion

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