David Strauss

David Strauss

Global Director, Strategic Partner Development

Senior Supply Chain Software Consultant, David has 18 years’ experience working for international Supply Chain Cloud Software companies.

He has had the privilege to interact with hundreds of supply chain teams within large global companies, across industries, regions and functions. From project management to solutions consulting and now partner development, David has been wearing different hats, which provided him with a strong and multifaceted understanding of supply chains.

He has witnessed first-hand the major evolution and convergence in all aspects of Digital Supply Chain – upstream, downstream, execution, planning, optimization, integration – as well as the massive and ongoing disruptions and transformations that are impacting our industry. These permanent challenges are what keep David focused towards achieving E2open’s goal: be the best-in-class end-to-end open cloud supply chain platform in the world.


David Strauss will be appearing in the following sessions:

Internal & External Collaboration across Supply Chain Networks (Presentation by David Strauss, Director, Partner Development, E2open)
LogiSYM Digital 2020: Digital Day 1 - 25th June, 2020, 14:30–15:00, Interactive Panel Discussion

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