Daigo Goto

Daigo Goto

ColdChain Storage Japan Ltd.

Goto has been working in the logistics industry for more than 20years. He had worked for Goto Kaisoten, which was founded in 1878 as shipping broker in Kobe/Japan. He established the local subsidiary in Southeast Asia, built the office system and handled the heavy haulage cargo transportation in US or Asia countries.

Last year, he established Coldstorage Japan was established as the platform company of the coldchain logistics. It will spread the coldchain to every corner of the world by using IO-Cube, which is the new concept of the reefer container and other developing product.

Coldstorage Japan integrates new technologies, such as dust and water proof computer, RFID technology, container building and freshness control. The IO-Cube increases the lifespan of foodstuff and cuts back on foodloss. It helps to deliver medical supplies safely with controlled and monitored temperature.

Currently, the company develops off-grid reefer stowage for geographic areas where there is less or no electricity.

“If the Coldchain logistics is changed, it makes the world better.
Logistics can make the happy life for the next generation.”

This is the motto of Coldstorage Japan.


Daigo Goto will be appearing in the following sessions:

Inter and Inner City Cold Chain Operation in SEA
LogiSYM Singapore 2019: Singapore Day 1 - 14th May, 2019, 16:20–17:00, Interactive Panel Discussion

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