Clement Ho

Clement Ho

Director of Business Development
SWAT Mobility

Clement Ho brings over a decade of diverse leadership experience in the technology sector, including successful stints in project delivery, team management, and strategic business development planning. Currently serving as Director of Business Development at SWAT Mobility, Clement spearheads business operations in Singapore and supports expansion efforts in emerging markets. With a proven track record of strategic vision and operational excellence, Clement is adept at identifying growth opportunities and forging key partnerships. His dynamic leadership style and passion for innovation make him a driving force behind SWAT Mobility’s success in the ever-evolving mobility and logistics industry.


Clement Ho will be appearing in the following sessions:

SHOWCASE: Skunkworks / Innovation in the Supply Chain Industry
LogiSYM Asia Pacific - CeMAT SEA 2024: LogiSYM Asia Pacific - CeMAT SEA 2024 - Day 2, 16 May, 15:15–16:25, Round Table

Synopsis While the pace of change in a number of industries can be very rapid, change and adoption of new technology can be slow or limited in the sup…

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