Chong Kian Soh

Chong Kian Soh

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Chong Kian (CK) is a seasoned tech entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in building platforms and application software enriched with AI capabilities, catering to thousands of active users across the education and transport sectors. With the emergence of Generative AI, CK and his Stanford classmate founded to guide companies in the logistics domain through transformative journeys, enhancing selected business processes with AI and automation technologies. Working closely with industry partners, his team focuses on training Generative AI models with specialised industry knowledge and data, with the vision of redefining logistics training and task automation through AI co-pilots. CK and his team’s expertise in integrating cutting-edge technology with sound pedagogical practices puts them in a leading position to not only streamline training for logistics specialists, but also to significantly elevate its effectiveness.


Chong Kian Soh will be appearing in the following sessions:

PANEL: The Role of Technology in Transforming the Cold Chain Distribution Landscape
LogiSYM Cold Chain 2024: LogiSYM Cold Chain 2024 - Day 2, 17 May, 15:00–15:45, Panel Interactive Session

SYNOPSIS Technology is revolutionizing cold chain logistics by introducing innovations like IoT sensors, real-time tracking and data analytics. This t…

KEYNOTE CASE STUDY: Redefining Training & Workflows in Cold Chain with Generative AI
LogiSYM Cold Chain 2024: LogiSYM Cold Chain 2024 - Day 2, 17 May, 10:00–10:30, Case Study

SYNOPSIS This session delves into the transformative application of Generative AI in the training of cold chain specialists and building of differenti…

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