Charles Brewer

Charles Brewer

Group Chief Executive Officer
Pos Malaysia Berhad

Charles graduated from University of Reading, United Kingdom. He also holds an Advanced Logistics diploma from Cranfield University School of Management and completed the Advanced Senior Executive Management Programme at Henley Business School in the United Kingdom.

Charles Brewer, a British national, has been serving as the Group Chief Executive Officer of Pos Malaysia Berhad since 1 August 2021. With extensive experience in the supply chain industry, particularly in e-commerce logistics, cross-border fulfilment, first and last mile delivery, logistics and supply chain management, as well as business and digital transformation, Charles brings a wealth of expertise to his role.

Prior to joining Pos Malaysia, Charles held the position of Chief Operating Officer at Canada Post and enjoyed a distinguished 34-year career with DHL Express, assuming various roles in Malaysia, the Philippines, South Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and America.

Throughout his professional journey, Charles has consistently demonstrated his ability to manage diversity and comprehend cross-cultural differences, having spent considerable time in different parts of the world, including Malaysia.

Beyond his professional endeavours, Charles is passionate about food and is an avid football fan.


Charles Brewer will be appearing in the following sessions:

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LogiSYM Malaysia 2024: LogiSYM Malaysia 2024 - Day 1, 13:45–14:30, Interactive Panel Discussion

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KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Sustainability, No Longer a Nice to Have.
LogiSYM Malaysia 2024: LogiSYM Malaysia 2024 - Day 1, 10:00–10:30, Presentation


The impact of logistics and supply chain management on e-commerce capabilities : breaking paradigms and looking forward
LogiSYM Singapore 2018: Singapore Day 1 - 15th May, 2018, 13:30–14:20, Panel Interactive Session

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