Charif Mzayek

Charif Mzayek

CEO and Founder

Charif Mzayek is the CEO and founder of, an online marketplace connecting flowers growers in Holland, Kenya and Thailand with flower shops, events planners and hotels in the UAE.

Previously Charif held the position of CEO of Alissar Flowers International, a vertically integrated business in the floricultural and horticultural industry.

Charif holds a Bachelor’s of science in Communication and Motion Pictures and a B.M. in Music Engineering Technology from University of Miami. Being a firm believer in entrepreneurship, Charif got selected into the Endeavor network in 2014 and has since been active in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Charif is a founding member of Taqaddam, an interactive informational and activism platform; he also served on the board of Young Entrepreneurs Association and was the Vice Chairman of the Jordanian Exporters Association for Fruits & Vegetables. Charif is fluent in Arabic, English, French and German.


Charif Mzayek will be appearing in the following sessions:

Keynote Address: Case Study – Supply Chain Disruptors in the New Economy
LogiSYM Dubai 2018: Dubai Day 2 - 14th February, 2018, 09:45–10:10, Presentation

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