Boris Daniels

Boris Daniels

Regional Head of Procurement
Zuellig Pharma

Boris Daniels is a professional with a decade of experience in project management and business development. He has worked at Samsung, specializing in their bio business, and led the expansion of Hyundai’s auto part business in Europe. As the country manager for a German stock-listed cold chain packaging company, he spearheaded the establishment of their Singapore office and implemented successful sales strategies across the APAC region. Currently, as the regional head of procurement at Zuellig Pharma, [Boris] oversees the supply chain and additionally took the role in implementing the company’s future cold chain strategy.


Boris Daniels will be appearing in the following sessions:

PANEL: Driving Supply Chain Sustainability with Digital Applications
LogiSYM Malaysia 2024: LogiSYM Malaysia 2024 - Day 1, 09:15–10:00, Interactive Panel Discussion

SYNOPSIS Leveraging digital applications has been identified as pivotal in advancing supply chain sustainability. Integrating technologies such as IoT…

PANEL: Implementing Technologically Enabled Cold Chains: How Can You Use Technology for Multi-Modal and Real Time Visibility to Deliver Optimised Temp Controlled Logistics and Distribution?
LogiSYM Cold Chain 2024: LogiSYM Cold Chain 2024 - Day 1, 16 May, 15:45–16:30, Panel Interactive Session

SYNOPSIS Explore the frontier of temperature-controlled logistics in this dynamic panel discussion. Uncover strategies for leveraging cutting-edge tec…

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