Anita George

Anita George

Project Manager
Ashka Consultancy

Anita George entered the workforce right after completing high school and has not looked back since. Her core skills are in Project Management and Operations with nearly 11 yrs in various aspects of IT in different market segments.

She was part of the core sub-contractor team that delivered 7 sub-systems in Kuala Lumpur International Airport in the 1998. She has in her 26 odd years taken on various roles and challenges in Advertising, Banking IT Migration and Global Outsourcing, Airport and e-government Solutions.

In 2010 with a keen sense of adventure and in the interest of widening her exposure took on an opportunity in Dubai. Dubai provided her foray into Logistics with National Air Cargo a Freight Forwarding expert specialising in US DoD contracts and supporting NATO and LOGCAP operations. She undertook various roles largely with IT as a core focus.

In 2012, Anita was given the opportunity to lead the LOGCAP IV OCONUS operations first as Deputy Project Manager and from 2013 till her return to Malaysia as Project and Operations Manager. National was contracted to provide efficient Cross Dock services to final destinations in Afghanistan. Under her leadership, National successfully achieved 99.99% Quality at end destination for 4 consecutive years.

Anita also developed the Warehouse Management System which recorded Receiving, Quality Control, Packing and Shipping by Air with a volume of between 600,000 to 1 million MT a month.
Warehouse and Workspace Quality Assurance and OSHA were key areas of focus and in 2015 Anita lead her team to win the Safest Project Award from Dubai International Airport Safety and Security.

Anita has always been a continuous learner and not afraid to think and try out of the box in finding solutions that work and are both efficient in cost and quality benefitting both client and management. Although currently an independent consultant in IT Business Release and Change Management to a UK based MNC, Anita continuous to keep abreast with the developments in Logistics as she firmly believes that Technology has much to offer and bring positive changes to the Logistics industry.


Anita George will be appearing in the following sessions:

Future BUZZ! The Supply Chain Future Is?
LogiSYM Malaysia 2019: Malaysia Day 2 - 24th July, 2019, 16:00–16:45, Interactive Panel Discussion

E-Business disruption in global logistics
LogiSYM Singapore 2018: Singapore Day 2 - 16th May, 2018, 13:15–14:00, Panel Interactive Session

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