Ang Xing Xian

Ang Xing Xian


Disciplined risk-loving entrepreneur determined to improve the efficiency of our financial industry. Upon graduation on a scholarship, I found my passion for finance when I first started with Credit Suisse in London. I then went on to join MarketInvoice, the largest invoice trading platform in the UK and subsequently Creador, a leading private equity firm in Malaysia. Prior to CapitalBay, I was a management consultant with Accenture, implementing strategies on technology and analytics for many major companies. I graduated with an MSc in Computational Finance from Oxford University.


Ang Xing Xian will be appearing in the following sessions:

SHOWCASE: Skunkworks / innovation in the supply chain industry.
LogiSYM Malaysia 2018: Malaysia Day 2 - 25th July, 2018, 14:50–16:20, Presentation & Demonstration

While the pace of change in a number of industries can be very rapid, change and adoption of new technology can be slow or limited in the supply chain…

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