Alvin Ea

Alvin Ea

Co-founder and CEO
Haulio Pte Ltd

Alvin started his Logistics profession through his family business HUB Distributors Services, a local SME 3PL firm in Singapore since 1988.

As a forward-looking 2nd generation business leader, Alvin has more than 6 years of experience in business development to grow & corporatize the company through innovative technologies, increasing the Group’s revenue by 20% YOY.

As the previous founder and CEO for HUB Logistics, a sister company of the Group that focuses on the container haulage services, he’d successfully built it up from scratch to a sizable fleet consisting of 15 Prime Movers & over 100 trailers within 3 years; moving 1,000 TEUs on average per month.

With a keen interest in making a difference, Alvin is always taking on an active role in the industry’s transformation road map and is now the Co-Founder & CEO of Haulio – collaborative B2B community portal that aims to maximize haulage resources through industry level sharing to improve job productivity through our core technology. He is responsible for strengthening the brand’s presence, driving supply and demand, as well as business development for the startup.


Alvin Ea will be appearing in the following sessions:

Innovation in last mile & beyond – How new players and retailers collaborate to drive business growth
LogiSYM Singapore 2019: Singapore Day 2 - 15th May, 2019, 09:50–10:30, Presentation

SHOWCASE: Skunkworks / innovation in the supply chain industry.
LogiSYM Singapore 2018: Singapore Day 2 - 16th May, 2018, 14:50–16:20, Presentation & Demonstration

While the pace of change in a number of industries can be very rapid, change and adoption of new technology can be slow or limited in the supply chain…

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