Alex Allen

Alex Allen

V.P Consulting - Australia
Logistics Executive Group

Alex Allen heads Logistics Executive Group’s Australian Business that specializes in Corporate Advisory, Executive Placements and Education/ Training sectors. Alex’s Supply Chain industry experience includes Leadership roles with Fortune 500 Companies operating in the Asia Pacific and IMENA regions. Alex is the appointed JAFZA Country Representative for Trade facilitation between Australia/ New Zealand and the United Arab Emirates.

Internationally recognized Business Leader within the Global Shipping and Logistics Industry, specializing in leading-from-the-front Management disciplines, defining the Business Strategy, Operating Plans and Supply Chain networks. Alex has extensive working knowledge of regional and cultural idiosyncrasies and understanding differing business needs across global markets with countries including: Europe, United Kingdom, China, India, South East Asia, USA and AGCC, EMEA/ MENAT and emerging markets destined for upward trajectory growth.

Alex plays a pivotal role in engaging and consulting with senior business and industry leaders in matters of international trade, trade compliance, INCO terms, supply chain optimization, start-up and turn-key projects, coaching and education including Executive Placements within the Logistics Industry.

Experience includes Business Leadership and General Management roles within the International Freight Forwarding and Logistics industry for market-leading integrators, airfreight & express courier networks through to heavy freight (sea & air) across MENA and Asia Pac regions.


Alex Allen will be appearing in the following sessions:

Last Mile: Still the ‘New’ Frontier in the E-Commerce Supply Chain
LogiSYM Dubai 2018: Dubai Day 1 - 13th February, 2018, 14:20–14:50, Interactive Panel Discussion

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