Transformational Leadership in a Middle East Integrated World

Transformational Leadership in a Middle East Integrated World

Day: Dubai Day 2 - 14th February, 2018
Start Time: 15:10
End Time: 15:40
Format: Interactive Panel Discussion

• In this future thinking session, hear from an expert panel on how they’re preparing for the future – what do they expect in terms of growth and how are they making changes to their organization to adapt to changes?

• How does this affect our people, business leaders and talent management strategies?

• How can Education better meet the needs of the Logistics & Supply Chain industry?

• We live today in an increasingly complex and interconnected world where businesses are facing new leadership challenges daily, demanding high levels of innovation and motivation.

• How are we as an industry responding to this fast-changing landscape with its acute shortage of future leaders and talent to meet the requirements in the coming years?

• How are we looking to improve productivity in a labour constrained market?


Speakers and panelists for this session are as follows:

Kim Winter – Chief Executive Officer, Logistics Executive Group
Rakesh Singh – Chairman, Institute of Supply Chain and Management
Carrie Amani Annabi – Assistant Professor, Heriot-Watt University
Carmel Perales – General Manager - Southeast Asia, Logistics Executive Group
Murad Mirza – Organizational Development & Talent Management Expert, .
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