PRESENTATION: Innovation for Logistics in Clinical Trials

PRESENTATION: Innovation for Logistics in Clinical Trials

Day: Asia Pacific Day 2 - 2023
Start Time: 11:15
End Time: 11:45
Format: Presentation


As clinical trials increase in volume, require shorter turnaround times, and become more complex, clinical drug supply has become a critical factor for success. Elevating clinical drug supply to best-in-class standards can forestall the possibility of it being a bottleneck to successful drug delivery. It can also deliver enormous benefits, including better investigator and patient experiences, one to two years shorter drug launches, and cost savings in clinical drug supply as high as 20 percent.

The rapid growth in clinical trials has accelerated R&D spending in the pharmaceutical industry and with the rapid development of COVID-19 vaccines expectations of shorter timelines have been raised – while the pandemic accelerated the shift to decentralized trials. Other complexities that clinical drug supply must accommodate include new patient-centric modalities and increasingly adaptive, global, and complex trials. Throughout the clinical trial supply chain. Opportunities for improvement and innovation abound and we hear from Elivra on how Nestle works towards achieving this.


Speakers and panelists for this session are as follows:

Giuseppe Leo – Senior Vice President, Clinical Reach, Business Unit Head, Zuellig Pharma
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