PRESENTATION: Halal Supply Chain

PRESENTATION: Halal Supply Chain

Day: Malaysia Day 1 - 2023
Start Time: 15:00
End Time: 15:30
Format: Presentation


The halal industry, a USD 2 trillion industry plus USD 3.6 trillion of Islamic finance assets, is fast-growing and dynamic. Halal is moving away from a product approach towards a halal supply chain and value chain approach. The halal integrity of a product is a function of each link in the brand owner supply chain. The halal integrity is a strong as its weakest link, not its strongest link. As managing a halal supply chain network is a complex task, there is significant synergy potential in improving the performance of halal supply chains through collaboration. Halal ecosystems are being developed in Malaysia, Indonesia, and other countries. What is the value of these halal ecosystems for the brand owner’s supply chain?


Speakers and panelists for this session are as follows:

Dr. Marco Tieman – Chief Executive Officer, LBB International
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