PRESENTATION: From Risk to Opportunity: Harnessing Automation for Effective Export Control Management

PRESENTATION: From Risk to Opportunity: Harnessing Automation for Effective Export Control Management

Day: Malaysia Day 1 - 2023
Start Time: 10:00
End Time: 10:30
Format: Presentation


In today’s rapidly evolving geopolitical landscape, the significance of export controls has grown exponentially. Governments and regulatory bodies worldwide have heightened their scrutiny on any violations or non-compliance. To navigate the complex and formidable realm of export, import, and re-export regulations, businesses face a daunting task.

Non-compliance with export controls carries severe consequences, including hefty fines, criminal charges, and potential loss of export privileges. Furthermore, it can inflict reputational harm and jeopardize future business opportunities. Acknowledging these risks, it is crucial for organizations to adopt a proactive approach to compliance.Fortunately, the advent of automation programs and tools offers an effective solution to streamline export control compliance processes and optimize supply chains. By automating various tasks, such as license applications, product classification, screening against sanctions lists, and compliance monitoring, companies can mitigate the risk of human error, expedite processing times, and reduce compliance costs.

Automation empowers companies to remain abreast of the ever-evolving regulatory landscape, ensuring adherence to all necessary requirements. As global trade continues to flourish, efficient compliance with export controls becomes imperative for companies seeking to maintain competitiveness. By implementing automation within their export controls and trade compliance strategies, businesses can achieve their objectives while enhancing return on investment. This session will delve into the rationale behind this approach and provide insights on how to turn this vision into a reality.


Speakers and panelists for this session are as follows:

Aagu Chaudhary – Director Sales - Global Trade Compliance Software, OCR Inc.
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