PANEL: Conquering COVID – Lessons Learned 2 Years On

PANEL: Conquering COVID – Lessons Learned 2 Years On

Day: Asia Pacific Day 2 - 2023
Start Time: 11:45
End Time: 12:30
Format: Interactive Panel Discussion


As we emerge into the ‘better normal’ will all the developments we have seen these two to three years fade away and old practices resurface and where things will revert to normal. People have short memories and history has a way of repeating itself – or is this really the case?

Where will we see the future demand for cold chains and what does this future look like? Opportunities, pitfalls, challenges and more will be explored by this team of experts in the area.


Speakers and panelists for this session are as follows:

Please check back soon - speaker list is currently unavailable for this session
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