KEYNOTE 1: Global Economic Outlook, Challenges & Opportunities

KEYNOTE 1: Global Economic Outlook, Challenges & Opportunities

Day: LogiSYM Asia Pacific - CeMAT SEA 2024 - Day 1, 15 May
Start Time: 09:30
End Time: 10:00
Format: Presentation


The global logistics ecosystem faces multiple challenges today, including inflation, sustainability and data sharing. To mitigate these challenges, logistics companies need to pursue transformation actively, and the adoption of sustainable solutions, innovation, and digitalisation remains critical. Logistics companies can turn sustainability challenges into opportunities by developing sustainability as a core enterprise capability, to become more efficient while reducing environmental impact. Being a traditional industry, logistics companies need to innovate with new business models to remain competitive. Leveraging digital technologies can also help logistics companies increase productivity and reduce operational costs.


Speakers and panelists for this session are as follows:

Peter Tirschwell – Vice President, Journal of Commerce, S&P Global Market Intelligence
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