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In an effort to print a quality magazine and host quality events, LogiSYM has a Corporate Sponsorship Program. Support of LogiSYM places your company in a position of authority in the only magazine and series of events in the region that combines both industry experience and the expertise of thought leaders and enables you to build and strengthen your relationships, visibility and reputation with major companies.

LogiSYM offers the following mediums to partners:


LogiSYM symposiums bring together shippers, manufacturers, 3PLs, forwarders, logistics professionals, educators and technology solutions providers from around Asia.

Our flagship LogiSYM Singapore is the flagship event of The Logistics and Supply Chain Management Society and all LogiSYM symposiums are supported by LogiSYM magazine and CargoNOW magazine – which has readership base of over 80,000 subscribers, offering unprecedented reach to commercial partners.


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LogiSYM Summits & Symposiums draw delegates, speakers and sponsors in a variety of formats, showcasing products and expertise.

Digital Symposiums

Today, digital technologies are making way for a supply chain that goes well beyond what was originally thought to be possible with a traditional setup and structure. The supply chain of today has the ability to perform very complex activities with superb precision and outstanding agility.

LogiSYM Digital symposiums adopts this thinking as well and will run globally as mini-Symposiums in various countries on 25th June 2020 with the option for anyone who does not wish to attend in person to log on from their homes or offices as well, in line with individuals preference, schedules and social distancing requirements.

LogiSYM Magazine

LogiSYM Magazine is published monthly in digital format and quarterly in print and features news updates, industry analysis and one-on-one interviews with leaders in the supply chain industry. We also produce knowledge and solution-based case studies and examine the logistics trends that are shaping the world we live in.

As the official journal of The Logistics and Supply Chain Management Society, LogiSYM is the only magazine that has been created purely to serve its readers. This Magazine is part of the renowned LogiSYM brand, a proven industry player in the field of Education & Training as well as an organizer of Supply Chain Conferences across Asia. In an industry of constant change and innovation, we provide the knowledge that enables our readers and Society Members to stay ahead of the information curve.


Supply Chain Journey

The Supply Chain Journey© is an initiative unique to the LogiSYM platform. It is extended to only a handful of professionals every year. It is an opportunity for senior supply chain professionals in leading organisations to share with our industry how they have transformed the supply chains of their respective organsiations.

It is an opportunity for the industry to learn first-hand from experts how the best supply chain networks perform and also for leaders in our profession to showcase their work – and for their service providers and partners to show their ongoing support and applaud their efforts.

Influencer / Platform Partnership

The combined magazine platforms of LogiSYM and CargoNOW offer one of the largest circulations globally and are the biggest in the Asia Pacific region. Coupled with this, LogiSYM and CargoNOW hold world-class symposiums in various parts of Asia and the Middle East and have been doing so for more than 8 years.The online presence of the brands is second to none and this is further strengthened by our high visibility on social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

In this Influencer or Platform Partnership, LogiSYM will provide significant influencer reach across the supply chain industry

Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) Campaign

LogiSYM has a readership base in excess of 70,000 subscribers. Every month we only send one email to this group with our magazine or newsletter. This ensures that our ever growing base of supply chain professionals who read what we send them do not get newsletter or e-mail overload.

In our emails, that we send out just once a month, we only have one paid advertisement. This means that your company and its products will be the only ones being highlighted in each blast to our database. This increases reach and effectiveness.

Bespoke Events

LogiSYM offers bespoke event management solutions to help achieve the marketing goals of your organisation. In the last 8 years we have grown across multiple geographies and developed extensive event production experience and speaker & delegate acquisition expertise focussed specifically in the supply chain sector.

Clients’ business objectives are at the forefront of our tailored-made events.

We deliver bespoke event management solutions by bringing together the unique skill sets of in-depth industry knowledge and an extensive network of industry experts. Bespoke events that we work on could be high-level conferences, workshops, seminars, awards presentations, dinner receptions and site visits.


Key Features:

  • On-demand or simulative
  • 30 – 45 minutes simulative webinar (pre-recorded or live) – participation by LogiSYM supply chain expert and up to two presenters co-ordinated by client
  • Includes LogiSYM project management, theme and content development, co-branded landing page, registration page link, confirmation and reminded eDM’s
  • Any slides designed/provided by LogiSYM will be vendor and product-neutral however audio including Q&A between speakers can mention specific vendor products or services
  • “Sponsored by Vendor” statement required
  • Perpetual license period
  • 3 – 8 weeks lead time

CLP Membership

There are currently thousands of practicing and experienced logistics professionals in the Asia Pacific region. They range from managers of supply chain operations to specialised IT experts to clerical and warehouse based support staff.

With the increased profile and importance placed on the Logistics and Supply Chain Management profession in the last few decades, these dedicated and skilled people have not been recognized, as have their counterparts in other professions. For example, accountants have the CPA accreditation, marketing has the CIM and real estate has the CEHA. Accreditation means something in a professional setting – it implies a focus on excellence and a commitment to personal development within the profession.

It is with this understanding that the Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society launched the CLP and CLE programme in 2000, making us the first industry body to do so.

The CLP is the benchmark of excellence for measuring capability and proficiency within the profession of Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

As a professional certification, the CLP enables employees in the logistics industry to develop their capability more effectively, and in doing so assist in defining the logistics profession. The emphasis on continual improvement of knowledge and skills is timely for an industry that requires skilled personnel to reflect and underpin its importance to our global economy.

To qualify as a CPL candidate, an applicant must have relevant working experience, qualifications and an active participation in the Logistics Profession.

Thought Leadership / Reports / Research

By definition, this type of content implies you are an authority in your field with something interesting to say based on the particular niche you or your organisation addresses in the supply chain industry. A thought leadership article, report or research branded with your organisations name and endorsed by a globally recognised organisation such as the Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society, and promulgated by LogiSYM, implies that your thoughts and insights are valuable and worth sharing and that people want to engage with, discuss and share your ideas.

A thought leadership article is an opportunity for your organisation to leverage its position within an industry to demonstrate its expertise and credibility, to share your organisations insights with engaged voices, and to provide them with real value.

The difference between a thought leadership article and a run of the mill blog article, is that the former communicates a much deeper level of insight and value.

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