LogiSYM Webinars: Supply Chain Visibility – Fact or Fiction?

LogiSYM Webinars: Supply Chain Visibility – Fact or Fiction?


The webinar attracted more 70 registrations and over 40 live connections, with a continuous flow of excellent questions, comments & feedback from participants. Webinar duration of 48 minutes.


Stephanie Krishnan – key highlights are summarised as follows:-

Opening message   “supply chain visibility is about 2 key areas – accessibility & availability”

1.The areas of Focus for Businesses from IDC:

       –  Visibility – is looking at the physical inventory, data access up & down chain & transportation. 

       –  Accessibility – is looking at the cloud, meaningful data availability.

       –  Focusing business continuity & optimisation – leveraging Technology to respond faster.

       –  Building Business Resiliency with clear roadmap using the “right technology stacks” will gain most. 

       –  Culture change challenge is evident – assess real needs & make collaborative approach to change

2. The Challenges & Actions for manufacturers, moving forward are:

       – Prioritise service level agreement, service & product quality, supply chain visibilities & costs.

       – Focus to reduce risks – visibility post supply-shock – valuable lessons to be learnt.

       – Direct materials & sourcing more localised to reduce exposure – new areas of accessibility & visibility

       – Regulatory compliance, sustainability a key point to mitigate supply chain risk.

       – Managing complexities in the chain are even more important now then ever.

       – Engaging partners is crucial & having a “light touch” solution to engage will be a big “pull-factor”

   Closing message –  “ supply chain visibility is key for all stakeholders – educating & sharing with partners                   will lead to stronger collaboration in leveraging new technologies for shared gains”. 


Jeff Wehner key highlights are summarised as follows:-

    Opening message  –  “a lot is happening right now out there & the big challenge is on prioritisation” 

1.The Prioritisation approach from Haven:

  • Look at organisational debt – in which area are they falling behind & what actions are needed. 
  • Connectivity & visibility is crucial – all in between big systems (ERPs) is what we can connect to. 
  • Inter-relationship of visibility, connectivity & accessibility are all vitally interlinked features.
  • Architecture is fundamental to know which are crucial the Nodes & how to connect them.
  • Change management – stay on program track & monitor milestones – stick to the plan.

2.Delivering the right Solutions:

         Take a more “user-friendly” approach to ensure new technologies are accepted.

–   Adapting to new tools & technologies is an important 1st step in the transformation process.

        –   Apply a simple approach – familiarisation to a new Smart Phone – once mastered, it’s easy.

–   Building confidence of using complex technologies will enable higher performance solutions.

–   A web-cloud based architecture/infrastructure more effective, easy & fast to access information.

        –   Aligning of different modules & areas of business will be a value add gain – change the model.

–   Interfacing with supply chain partners is using a “light touch” approach from Haven        

Closing message –  “digitalisation is no longer in question – it is the path for the future. Organisation need to       work on how to enact it ?  What is the architecture, how do we connect & achieve the       connectivity, access & visibility to their business partners”  

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