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LogiSYM Summits & Symposiums draw delegates, speakers and sponsors in a variety of formats, showcasing products and expertise. Explore some of the testimonials and sneak previews into topics explored (and to be explored) through this exciting forum.

Global Economic Outlook, Challenges & Opportunities at LogiSYM Asia Pacific 2023

Wei Chuen Chua, Vice President, Hub Services & Connectivity at Singapore Economic Development Board, provides an in-depth analysis of the current global economic landscape. He explores the challenges and opportunities facing businesses and investors today, including the impact of geopolitical shifts, technological advancements, and environmental factors.

Wei Chuen offers valuable insights into emerging markets, disruptive technologies, and innovative business models that are transforming the global economy. Whether you’re a business leader or an investor, Wei Chuen’s keynote provides a comprehensive overview of the latest economic trends and offers actionable strategies to help you thrive in the fast-changing global marketplace.

Challenges and Opportunities for Supply Chains and Logistician’s Today at LogiSYM Asia Pacific 2023

Ampy Aswin, Industry Solutions Director, Supply Chain and Logistics at Google Cloud APAC, explores the challenges and opportunities facing the industry today with a focus on supply chain sustainability.

With globalisation, changing consumer demands, and technological advancements, the logistics industry is constantly evolving. Ampy discusses the key trends and innovations in supply chain management, and provides insights into how organisations can navigate the complexities of the modern logistics landscape. Whether you’re a seasoned logistics professional or just starting out in the field, Ampy’s keynote provides valuable insights and actionable strategies to help Logisticians stay ahead of the curve.

Testimonials for LogiSYM

What are people saying about LogiSYM events?

  • Gathers people from all over the world and broadens their perspective.
    Derek Ang
  • As a Forum to meet with logistics professionals and discuss the REAL issues, LogiSYM is second to none!
    Patrik Jonasson
  • LogiSYM continues to set the bar high and the tone for supply chain & logistics-related topics in Asia.
    Jay Kostos
  • Why LogiSYM? Because staying in tune with global and regional trends, supply chain innovations, and transformational technologies is no longer an option.
    Bob Gill
  • LogiSYM is a great platform to maximise knowledge among peers.
    Ansgar Diekmaan
  • LogiSYM event provides a great platform for us to provide thought leadership, talk about disruptive technology and engage with all key players in the Supply Chain Industry.
    Katharina Lennie
  • I find the LogiSYM events to be a great platform for sharing knowledge and best practice in all aspects of Supply Chain, the open forum discussions are highly interactive with lots of opportunity for Q&A, the organisers also leave ample time between sessions for quality networking.
    Brian Cartwright
  • Quality symposium which addresses macroeconomic logistics trends in a technology-enabled world.
    Sanjay Desai
  • Place to connect with industry experts on latest developments in logistics.
    Inba Marimuthu

Parcel Perform Interviews at LogiSYM 2019

Parcel Perform asked several attendees, judges, and speakers at LogiSYM Singapore 2019 their perspectives and impressions on the logistics and supply chain industry. Thanks to Parcel Perform PR team for their contribution!

Michael Bradshaw (Director, Dematic S.E.A. Pte Ltd) at LogiSYM Singapore 2017

Michael Bradshaw, Director at Dematic S.E.A. Pte Ltd shares his experience at LogiSYM Singapore 2017 held last 17 – 18 May 2017 at NUSS Kent Ridge Guild House.

Nalin Advani (Chief Executive Officer APAC, GreyOrange) at LogiSYM Singapore 2017

Nalin Advani (Chief Executive Officer APAC, GreyOrange) speaks on the reception at LogiSYM Singapore 2017 – both as a sponsoring exhibitor, and as a speaker.

LogiSYM Dubai 2018: Disruptive Changes, Transformative Possibilities in the Supply Chains of Tomorrow

Combining some of the amazing glimpses of technology that we saw discussed on Day 1 of LogiSYM, together with some of the photos from the event, this video opened Day 2 of LogiSYM Dubai 2018.

LogiSYM Malaysia 2017: Supply Chain Fact & Fiction: Tackling Today, Preparing for Tomorrow!

Highlights illustrating the diversity in participation and sponsors at LogiSYM Malaysia 2017


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  • RT @TheLogisticsSoc: We're excited to welcome #Keyfields as one of our exhibitors at #CargoNOW 2021 and the #LogiSYM Asia Pacific Conferenc…
  • We're excited to welcome #Keyfields as one of our exhibitors at #CargoNOW 2021 and the #LogiSYM Asia Pacific Confer… https://t.co/yfz7T9bWSO

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