Stephanie Krishnan

Stephanie Krishnan

Executive Director
Rutgers Business School Asia Pacific

Stephanie is an accomplished businesswoman, entrepreneur, and corporate innovator whose career path is not constrained by traditional bounds, and allows her to bring a diverse range of experience to bear on her most recent position with Rutgers. Her diverse professional background complements her years in academia and in the International Business space. 
Stephanie holds a Masters of International Business from the University of Wollongong where she is currently in the final stages of completing her PhD in Supply Chain & Cross Cultural International Business.

Stephanie has nearly 20 years experience in the areas of Manufacturing and Distribution, most recently specialising in Business Process Reengineering and Technology. Originally her concentration was within Purchasing and Inventory Management and Quality Management, but Stephanie later evolved to her current roles in Technology, Warehousing and Business Process Reengineering. Her extensive background spans multiple countries (Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong among them), and Stephanie takes great pride in work that enriches her skill set, including personnel training, systems implementation, and logistics. 

Most recently Stephanie was the Academic Campus Director and an Adjunct Lecturer at the University of Wollongong, South East Asia, where she taught courses in Logistics Technology, Supply Chain Management, Corporate Social Responsibility, Systems Modelling and International Business at both the Degree and Masters levels. Prior to her stint at Wollongong, Stephanie spent a little over a decade as the General Manager at LOGIS Consolidators, a marketing and logistics consultancy where she oversaw brand development, web site design, and personnel provision among other duties.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, Stephanie is a master multitasker who often juggles multiple projects because she is passionate about the work she does for her clients (including open source software management and designing websites to grow online business). She is also a seasoned presenter on the topic of Logistics and Supply Chain Management and Distribution, and her research has been published in professional journals across Asia, Australia, and India.

Stephanie cares deeply about corporate social responsibility and social innovation, and identifies these practices as paramount to success in today’s modern business world. Both technically inclined and a creative force, Stephanie assists multiple clients with distinct needs, and always rises to the challenge to deliver results regardless of her role. Stephanie’s breadth and depth of experience in International Business is unparalleled, and while her skills and talents are myriad, her outcome is always singular: success for the clients she works with.


Stephanie Krishnan will be appearing in the following sessions:

Leveraging real-time warehouse operational data to streamline logistics processes and optimise workforce productivity, Day 1 - 15th May 15:40–16:30, Interactive Panel Discussion

The logistics industry faces labor shortages and increasing supply chain complexities, and now more than ever, companies need to go beyond tracking la…

Last Mile: Still the ‘New’ Frontier in the E-Commerce Supply Chain, Day 1 - 13th February 14:20–14:50, Interactive Panel Discussion

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