Picking and Order Consolidation: How to improve efficiency in warehousing and transport logistics

  • March 25th, 2017

Requirements to warehousing and order fulfilment are dominated by frequent and small orders, a large and permanently changing product range as well as huge seasonal and promotional influences. These requirements impose the need for a high level of flexibility on any order fulfilment operation in retail, wholesale and e-commerce, a.o.

When talking about “automation” in the context of intralogistics the first thoughts that come up in many people’s mind are ASRS and Shuttle System – and that these kind of systems are expensive and inflexible and cannot efficiently work in today’s market place.

This paper addresses the importance of considering the order fulfilment process in any warehouse planning, the impact the order picking requirements have on the choice of technology for warehouse itself, and how different technologies and systems can be combined to create modular and flexible solutions for efficient order picking and consolidation. Several storage systems will be presented to showcase the multitude of possible solutions, which is further supported by actual case studies of case picking and piece operations in the region.

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