Protectionism, Isolationism and Free Trade?

  • March 25th, 2017

Day: Day 1, 17 May, 2017
Start Time: 1135
End Time: 1215
Format: Interactive Panel Discussion


Continuing the conversation from Dr Elms’ keynote, this panel will discuss the quashing of possibilities offered in the TPP for the US, and the nationalistic view that seems to have taken hold of parts of Europe and the US. This will be contrasted with Australia and Singapore pushing for a TPP11, the pro-trade stance in Asia and implications for RCEP. There will certainly be a great deal to discuss with regards to supply chains in the region.


Tony Nash
CEO and Chief Strategist
Complete Intelligence
Dr Deborah Elms
Executive Director
Asian Trade Centre
Neil Johnson
Founder / Director
Stephanie Krishnan
Executive Director
Rutgers Business School Asia Pacific

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